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Jan 11, 2017 · VSTeam is a PowerShell module that exposes portions of the REST API for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server. It is written in pure PowerShell and can be used on Mac, Linux or Windows to connect to TFS or VSTS. To install VSTeam you can use the Install-Module cmdlet. Engine size cc converter
[English Below] Bonjour, Dans cet article nous allons voir ensemble comment mettre à jour l’images de vos nodes. Pour cela nous allons utiliser la fonctionnalité nodes images AKS qui est encore en pré-version au moment où j’écris cet article.

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The required steps is to Import AzureRM modules and AzureAD modules. After that, connect to Azure AD using. Connect-AzureAD -Credential -TenantId "" Now you can run New-AzureAdApplication to create a new app, this example shows the required fields.

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The cloud is complicated. Cloud providers make it seem cheap and easy but it represents a big shift in thinking, skills, process and cost. It is easy to get in but difficult to get right. With some careful planning, the cloud can solve a lot of problems in the enterprise. You can get all the benefits of the cloud while keeping the business and IT happy. Keep what works and use the cloud to ...

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Having both the AzureRM and Az modules installed at the same time is not supported.'} else { Install-Module-Name Az-AllowClobber-Scope CurrentUser} Update the Azure PowerShell module. If you already have the Az PowerShell module installed, you can update it with the following code.

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Nov 15, 2016 · It will be up to you to then apply the model to VMs in the scale set manually. E.g. by calling the Update-AzureRmVmssInstance PowerShell command or the Azure CLI 2.0 az vmss update-instances command. When you apply the model to a VM, this will typically result in a reboot, and if you’re changing the OS version, a reimage.

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The purpose of this lab is to provide some details for setting up the PartsUnlimited sample application for use with Visual Studio 2017. Its is an optional lab and only relevant if you intend using Visual Studio with the PartsUnlimited for later labs.

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The version of AzureRM used in my project is 2.1.0 which is the latest at the moment. provider "azurerm" { version = "=2.1.0" features {} } To have consistent resource naming, we use a couple variables to construct names. Some resources in the definitions need to have an Azure-wide unique name, so the resource names are based on:

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Many slides across all 6 courses under AZ-203 refer to this module. It's deprecated. References should be changed to use Az module instead. Impact: Warnings are currently thrown in Cloud Shell, students are asking about the reason Az module is not used, generally out of date details, etc.

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You had the original Azure module followed by AzureRM and now you have the cross platform Az module. The Azure CLI, if you're used to powershell, is not very familiar syntax wise, it has very limited tab completion and the more in depth you go you have to start referencing the docs for things like JMESPath query language.

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Wie kann man die aktuelle Version von Modulen prüfen in npm Beispiel Abfrage der installierten Version von @pnp Pnp versions in Windows PowerShell PS xx npm view @pnp sp version 2 0 3 PS xx npm view @pnp nodejs version 2 0 3

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If you are looking for the new Azure Administrator exam study guide (AZ-104) in beta, check here. If you are confused, if you should take az-103, or wait for az-104, this post will help answer some of your queries. Full Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I receive a commission when you purchase through them.

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