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Piggable 3-Way Diverter Valve. After six-years strict testing and detecting, both of these two valves reached R&D requirement, achieved 0 leakage in tream&downstream and body cavity, the whole performance exceeded the similar product in Europe and America.Shipping ammo fedex
Brand Hydraulics SDC-HJ Handle Kit For AO/SDCF Valves. Item Number: SDC-HJ 5 In Stock. Hydraforce Solenoid Operated Valve Cartridge Valve SV10-34--N-00.

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Hydraulic Valves (262) Hydraulic Control Valves (118) Hydraulic Multipliers (29) Check Valves (11) Diverter Valves (6) Pressure Relief Valves (9) Adjustable Flow Valves (15) Rotary Diverter Valves (8) Flow Dividers (7) Cartridge Valves (59) Hydraulic Kits (75) Hydraulic Multipliers (38) Hydraulic Diverter Valves (21) Third Function Kits (16 ...

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Hydraulic. Customer Specific. Home. Hydraulic. Compression Fittings.

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Hydraulic circuit A P 1 2 B Spool type A Spool type B B A P 1 2 B 3--way It’s possible to obtain 2--way diverter valve plugging port A or B. Performance data Pressure drop versus flow: P→A(B) A P B

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6 – Port Selector Valve Cast Iron Construction. Flow Capacity up to 25 gpm. Rugged – Handle Operation. Two Position Detented. Pneumatically Operated Option. Push Pull Option. Spring Offset Option.

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Diverter Port Ball Valves PBM Diverter Port Ball Valve. The PBM Diverter Port valve is a 3-Way valve with the common port at the side or the bottom of the valve. This valve has seats for positive shut-off on two ports, and a third, or common, port which has no seat and is always open to flow.

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Hydraulic 6 Port Solenoid Diverter Selector Valve 1/2"BSP 12 VDC 13gpm 50L DVS6 $ 68. ... SCHRADER BELLOWS HYDRAULIC VALVE L6753910253 120 VOLT 12 WATT Condition: NEW ...

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Galtech Hydraulic Products . Wednesday, March 4, 2020 9:28 AM — Hyspecs Hydraulics. Hyspecs stocks a full line of Galtech hydraulic hand and gear pumps, motors, mono-block control valves and diverter valves. Designed for mobile applications the Galtech range of hydraulic products represents good quality and value.

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Motorised Valve - 3 Port Diverter. The Drayton 3 port diverters are available in 22mm and 28mm. All models feature "snap-on" actuators and have industry-standard wiring and dimensions.

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6 Port Diverter or Selector valves are a cost effective way of adding an extra function to your hydraulic equipment. This Video shows how a manually actuated...

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Ningbo HanShang Hydraulic Co.,Ltd was founded in 1988 is an enterprise including the R&D and manufacture of hydraulic valves and hydraulic systems.

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